The Middle East

The absolute BEST alternative music scene in New England.

Not to mention the great food, spirits, upstairs/downstairs venues, crowd, art, theatre, comedy, film, dancing, and infinite variety of superb musical performances. Everything excellent in alternative and experimental rock, NOISE, jazz, blues, funk, reggae, ska, pop, punk, and various combinations thereof.

472/480 Mass. Ave Cambridge, MA 02139

Concert Information: 617-492-5162

Monthly Schedual

{On-line updates courtesy of Perry: Please don't complain if there's some occasional delay as I'm doing this gratis.}


If you are interested in being included in publications both on-line and off (the monthly paper distributed to the Massachusetts area describing the upcoming events at the Middle East for example), then please remember to send your bio and photos to Mark Hamilton and Dave Stacey at the Middle East Monthly at the 472 Massachusetts Avenue address above. Advertizing is through Mark (617-492-1624), take out food is by 617-354-8238, bakery and jazz booking is via Ron "Shadows" Mirsky at 617-494-0420.